Having set a new Guiness record for the speed at which he signed up his first 1-million Twitter followers – the total now stands at more than 2-million – Charlie Sheen has spectacularly failed to match the achievement with his first Web show.Although it attracted more than 300 000 viewers, the show was ridiculed rather than admired.

The actor, who is waging a campaign against being sacked from the long-running “Two and a Half Men” television show, broadcast the first “Sheen’s Korner” Web show over the weekend. But even he had to admit that it was a failure.
In a tweet posted after the show, Sheen wrote: "Last night was treasonous to the movement. my bad.”
The live Ustream show started off with 115 000 viewers and this increased to a total of more than 330 000 during it’s one-hour duration. However, thousands dropped off as the show became repetitive and boring.
The content had little to recommend it from the start and, as it went on, the cast of Sheen, girlfriend nanny Natalie Kenly and two friends, ran out of material and were reduced to chanting “winning, winning, winning” or talking about the air conditioning.
Sheen spoke about making the show a daily, but it’s doubtful he would be able to garner support from viewers.