CSSI, the company that launched CipherWave in 2004, is celebrating its seventh year of business growth in the market by offering its resellers and value-add partners free SLAs (service level agreements) for the first year, with a four-hour turnaround in all major city centres in South Africa.

CipherWave is one of the fastest growing storage brands, and its SAN appliances are capturing market share. CSSI has announced free SLAs on its entire range of storage devices.
From its inception in 2000, CipherSAN devices have provided proven reliability and top performance.
CipherWave’s SAN storage appliances, which have been developed with its partners in Canada and engineers in California, have entrenched themselves as formidable players in tiered storage, and are significant competitors in the market.
CipherSAN will be supplied with a full SLA to resellers and partners for free.
When consumers review what competitors charge for SLAs, which is in most cases more than 30% of the true cost of the unit, they may wonder why there is such a high cost to support a product that should be in the prime of its performance.
With the growing success of the CipherSAN storage line and IPSAN storage appliances, CSSI is more confident than ever that it is a top performer, and is proud to offer the market a cost saving device with impressive benchmarks on both performance and reliability, resulting in a good return on investment.
CipherWave entered the market selling storage devices, and started to penetrate the SAN market in 2007.
Today, CipherSAN can offer enterprise class and high performance storage for up to 50% less than its rivals, and either outperform competitor storage arrays or exceed the test standards of established name brands.
CSSI offers 14 day trials to resellers and partners for their clients, and will also work hand in hand to develop, integrate and set up storage and network infrastructure with its support team and specialists.
CipherSAN storage appliances are used in high level transactional processing environments, such as by the movie and video rendering industry, banking, private and public cloud providers and virtual computing industries for their value, performance and market beating reliability.
Partners and resellers who were supplied CipherSAN storage appliances dating back to 5 January 2011 on invoice will be refunded the SLA value in full, and will be contacted by representatives from the company. All existing quotes will be discounted or offered free SLAs.