MWeb is expanding its online gaming offering and will host a further 53 titles from, including Counter Strike, Battlefield and Medal of Honour.

“Online gaming is a key focus for us in 2011 and we are excited by the growth that we’re seeing in this space," says Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWeb ISP. "Our goal is to position MWeb at the forefront of online gaming in South Africa.”
To further support these additional titles and to ensure a flawless end user experience, the ISP has deployed its own Steam server allowing South African gamers to get automatic updates on their favourite games. Steam has servers all over the world, which host virtually every major gaming title.
“The decision to deploy a Steam Server is another value-added service to our customers and means that they won’t need to worry about hunting for patches and spending hours downloading updates on unsolicited websites,” says Hershaw.
The new gaming titles and the Steam servers will be hosted in MWeb’s Cape Town and Johannesburg data centres to ensure that customers have a superior gaming experience, he adds.