Informatica, the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, and NetSuite, the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials/ERP software suites, have announced a strategic partnership to deliver the first cloud computing-based solution for deploying two-tier ERP systems.

Combining Informatica’s enterprise data integration with NetSuite’s leading cloud ERP suites, global companies can extend and enhance their on-premise enterprise systems with cloud-based ERP solutions for their regional subsidiaries and divisions.
With this new two-tier ERP offering, CIOs can lower IT costs, significantly reduce business system implementation times and gain speed to market.
Informatica Cloud seamlessly integrates data processed by NetSuite OneWorld at the division or department level with on-premise systems, such as SAP R/3 and Oracle Applications, at the enterprise level.
This new solution is particularly suited for multinational companies with multiple subsidiaries operating across diverse markets, and offering products and services through many different channels.
To compete globally, large companies strive to gain agility in pursuing new market opportunities while improving productivity and operational efficiency.
Legacy, on-premise business systems have proven to be costly and too complex to support the required business agility.
In contrast, with two-tier ERP, enterprises can set up new global divisions and subsidiaries quickly, while still leveraging the existing investment in an on-premise enterprise ERP solution.
With a two-tier ERP infrastructure, the existing SAP or Oracle system serves as the hub at the enterprise level and is augmented with more flexible and cost-effective cloud ERP solutions, such as NetSuite OneWorld, at the subsidiary or divisional level.
Informatica’s cloud data integration solution enables integration between the on-premise enterprise system and cloud divisional systems.
Using Informatica cloud data integration for two-tier ERP, companies benefit by accelerated consolidation, realtime visibility into subsidiary performance, local flexibility and control.
And, as NetSuite can be deployed far more rapidly than conventional on-premise ERP, companies can standardise systems and process in weeks or months, not years.
"The approach offered by NetSuite and Informatica, pairing cloud services with enhanced integration, has significantly improved the success rates and ROI of two-tier cloud ERP strategies," says R. Wang, principal analyst and CEO of Constellation Research.
“Data Integration is increasingly critical to seamlessly augment existing on-premise systems with modern Cloud Computing services,” says Sohaib Abbasi, Informatica CEO.
“With two-tier ERP, enabled by Informatica data integration, companies enjoy the best of both worlds: leveraging the scale of existing enterprise systems with the agility of cloud ERP for divisions to quickly pursue new market opportunities.
"Informatica Cloud enables data migration and data synchronisation between the cloud and on-premise systems.”
"Our partnership combines two best-in-class solutions to bring cloud ERP to the enterprise. CIOs in the world’s largest companies now have the tools they need to build an enterprise-class hub and spoke strategy that enables them to dramatically reduce their IT costs by standardising on cloud ERP," says Zach Nelson, NetSuite CEO.
"With NetSuite and Informatica, organisations can standardise on the cloud and retain the power and value of their existing systems, at a fraction of the implementation time of a wholesale IT overhaul, and with a much higher degree of success."
NetSuite OneWorld is the first and only cloud software system to deliver realtime global business management and financial consolidation to mid-sized companies with multinational and multi-subsidiary operations and divisions of large enterprises.
It enables them to automate complex, mission-critical business processes from ERP to CRM and to eCommerce in the cloud. NetSuite OneWorld seamlessly handles different currencies, taxation rules, and reporting requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premise ERP solutions.
The Informatica Platform enables the exchange of transactional and master data from NetSuite, including invoices purchase orders, item fulfillments (shipments), journal entries, inventory adjustments, time entries and expense reports, and customer, employee, product and accounting structure information.
The combination of NetSuite and Informatica unites NetSuite OneWorld’s financial and operational data with the existing corporate ERP investment.
Informatica’s experience with enterprise data and transactional integration enables CIOs to rapidly integrate cloud with multiple on-premise investments, maintain and synchronise key master data, such as customers and product information, while providing the tight yet easy to maintain transactional integration necessary for any hub and spoke deployment.
The Informatica Platform delivers instant enterprise integration between NetSuite and SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft,, and a variety of other ERP systems, major databases and mainframes.