LG Electronics Business Solutions (LG) has introduced its new LED IPS6 monitor which combines IPS and LED, two technologies in which LG is already an established leader. The IPS6 series boasts exceptionally real colour, high uniformity of brightness and dazzling picture quality.

LG has been a pioneer and leader of IPS panel development, and the company is excited to have applied this new technology so successfully to the new IPS monitor. With advantages from both of these advanced technologies, LG’s IPS monitor is set to take the monitor industry in exciting new directions.
An alchemic convergence of IPS and LED, the new IPS6 monitor series delivers advanced monitor picture quality, without any colour shift along with a wide viewing angle.
Responding to the need for the premium panel in the market, LG’s new LED IPS monitor uses an IPS panel instead of the twisted nematic (TN) panel used in conventional monitors, to overcome the limit of viewing angle and provide real colour.
As a leader in the emerging IPS technology – which has been drawing increasing attention for its ability to reduce eye fatigue – LG has been able to harness all the advantages of IPS and use them in its IPS monitor series.
Using premium IPS panels, LG’s IPS6 monitor provides stable colour and a high uniformity of brightness at any viewing angle, making the it ideal for editing video and graphics, as well as watching movies or playing games.
The IPS6 series also boasts a low GtoG response time difference, meaning viewers will feel less eye fatigue, even when watching for long periods.
In addition, LG’s LED IPS monitor has all the advantages of LG’s original LED monitor technology – pictures greatly enhanced by a mega contrast ratio, a complete lack of harmful substances, and a significantly slimmer depth than on regular LCD monitors.
The new monitor’s advantages continue to stack up with its high energy efficiency, resulting in a reduction of energy usage of up to 27% when compared to other models. In recognition of its efficiency, the IPS6 monitors have ENERGYSTAR certification.
Developed with consumers in mind, the IPS6 series boasts a slim and sleek design, with a depth of just 19.5mm on 20-23 inch screens, which makes it a delight to view.
A transparent neck with distinctive colouring and a wine glass shape accentuate the stylish, upscale appearance. And as a final touch, the monitor boasts a 3D power knob, with an arresting silver-chrome finish.
A new type of premium monitor with all the advantages of LED and IPS technologies, LG’s brand new IPS6 monitor series will be available at the end of March 2011 at electronic goods retailers.