Two South African companies have come up with a novel way of using 3D virtualisation – to virtually design and replicate a plant, machine, or product to showcase various project aspects.

Strategic development company Wave Innovations has partnered with a 3D visualisations agency VirtualScape Virtualizations (VSV), one of the first engineering animation companies in South Africa, with significant experience in engineering/industrial animation, industrial visual design and development.
VirtualScape uses broadcast animation 3D technology, including visual communication from prefeasibility studies to production, project handover and marketing material.
“Animated motion graphics have traditionally been seen as creative work with not much contribution in the corporate space. Now that we’ve introduced a different form of looking at 3D technologies and animation, it has proven a critical management tool for visually communicating what appears in hundreds of pages of documentation,” explains Christo Smit, founder and CEO of VirtualScape Visualization.
“3D is no longer just about being creative. The partnership with Wave will enable us to structure and transfer skills as well as expand the business to make a significant contribution to the economy and to various industries within South Africa and across the world,” Smit says.
Founded in 2002, VirtualScape has been developing engineering/industrial animation products for nearly three years. It has adapted the programme into the various industries, including structural, mechanical and electrical/instrumentation engineering.
“We have looked around the world and haven’t seen anything like the work that VirtualScape does,” said Greg Serandos, managing partner at Wave Innovations.
Serandos explains that, because of the innovative element and potential of the program, part of Wave Innovations’ role is to assist in taking it to overseas markets while promoting it in the South African market.
VirtualScape currently services clients in South Africa, Norway, the UK and the US.