Bytes Technology Group (BTG) Namibia, wholly owned by Altron, has reported an 85% success rate in deploying the Xerox Power Pack to print shops in the country.

The Power Pack offered by Bytes Document Solutions, authorised Xerox distributor to 27 sub-Saharan countries, is a combination of Xerox’s DC252 or DC260 digital colour production printers and the 4112 black and white production printer.
“Bytes Document Solutions has offered the Power Pack that gives customers an excellent price on the two machines that give print shops the ultimate flexibility they need to meet a wide range of customer needs,” says JC Kruger, MD of Bytes Technology Group Namibia.
“They have the production colour and black and white machines and that gives them options, ensuring they run jobs on the machine that gives them the best possible costing per click.”
The digital production printers enable both depth and range of business applications, from packaging printing to photo publishing, photobooks, books, manuals, direct mail, collateral and transactional promotional material. This means the print shops obtain the best-fit digital production print technology for any customer need.
Kruger says there are a number of positive factors driving the success of the Xerox equipment in the region.
Support, maintenance and service are critical to print shops because machines not running are machines not turning revenue.
“Reliability is vital as print shops rely on their income from these machines,” says Kruger. “It is imperative that we respond rapidly to customers’ problems and ensure optimal uptime. We’ve had reports from almost every one of our customers from the last 18 months that this has been a decisive factor in switching away from competitive equipment and buying Xerox.”
Finishing options, both online and offline, were also factors in customers’ choice of the Xerox Power Pack.
Print quality is exceptionally important, and some printers have switched from competitor equipment due to this factor alone.
“We converted some print shops from other brands and they tested the machines extensively before reporting that the print quality is higher than the competition,” says Kruger.
The Xerox equipment and consulting from Bytes Technology Group Namibia also ensure integrated workflow to help printers capture new business in digital production printing and through consultation derive the right business model, using their market knowledge and Xerox tools that grow digital print profit.
Namibia has a population of around 1,8-million people, 50% of whom Kruger says live in the rural north, which makes the country a smaller market for production printers.
Bytes Technology Group has sold Xerox equipment in the country since 2003, and has developed a strong support infrastructure for local customers who can rely on Bytes Document Solutions technicians for more specific support functions.
“We pride ourselves on our service,” says Kruger. “Some of our customers have told us that, compared to the competition, we are highly responsive and effective.”