Ideco Biometric Security Solutions, part of The Ideco Group and provider of solutions, services and support within the field of identity management, has established a supply chain to its partner Cape-based Powell Tronics, in order to add the value of Morpho biometric security solutions to a rapidly expanding market.

This partnership is based on the supply of fingerprint biometric technology for access control solutions, specifically Morpho readers.
Powell Tronics is an established service provider positioned within the high-end integrated access and security solutions space. The company is focused on the offer of best-of-breed access control and security solutions via consulting, training and wholesale.
The company has been directly involved in numerous projects to integrate the benefits of access control infrastructure within education institutions, including a large-scale access management system refurbishment at UCT.
Management from both Ideco and Powell Tronics share the view that the need for access control and specifically identity management is growing within the education environment.
“We have noticed a definite increase in interest and investment in biometric-based identity management and security solutions for education institutions. Biometric technology lends itself to this type of environment because it is robust and works well alongside traditional access control systems, such as those that work off card-based technology,” says Marius Coetzee, chief operating officer, IBSS.
“Moreover, biometric infrastructure has developed and is moving into the realms of facial identification, particularly based on the iris of the eye. The core objective is to ensure the most expedient, cost-effective and accurate means of authenticating identity,” explains Coetzee.
“This is a rapidly developing area of access control technology and one that holds much promise for regulation of resources into the future,” he adds.
According to Coetzee, many organisations, including those within education, are aware of – and are following – the principles of correlation and enhanced communication  between all silos of business, including financial, HR and strategic operations.
This is where the combination of Morpho solutions with access control solutions via a partnership with Powell Tronics adds significant value, says Coetzee.
Most fingerprints have 85 true minutia points that form a unique pattern known as a template. When scanned during the enrolment process, this template is encoded and stored. Identification occurs when an enrolled fingerprint is scanned and matched to its stored template.
“Whereas other technologies not only capture fewer true points, their templates also contain false minutia points,” Coetzee explains.
“Typically created by cuts, abrasions, burns and dirt, false minutia points reduce template accuracy. This causes unacceptable levels of false acceptances and rejections. In contrast, Morpho’s algorithms recognise false points and rejects them creating truly accurate templates.”
John Powell, representing executive management at Powell Tronics, believes that this combination works very well in practice.
“There is a trend in the institutions to specify biometric solutions that work alongside card-based systems, as many of the institutions require student card identification, many of the periphery systems require card-based technology like the libraries, photocopy and printing equipment,” says Powell.
“However, in areas requiring a higher level of security, Morpho biometrics comes into its own, in areas like server rooms, administrative areas, departments that handle cash and high-technology laboratories that accommodate very expensive equipment,” he continues.
As examples of technology being used within the education environment, Powell refers to the Morpho OMA520 outdoor, which caters for outdoor applications.
“The MA500 and J-series units are suited to indoor applications/areas and we recommend the MSO300 be utilised to ensure the best possible registration,” he continues.
Coetzee and Powell believe the growth within the identification and security solution space is encouraging and reflects the importance attached to protection of resources in today’s market. The partnership is ideally positioned to add value.