T-Systems has now received a global Run SAP Operations certification from SAP AG, making it a SAP Global Support Partner. T-Systems has also been certified for global Run SAP Implementation.

As an SAP Global Partner for services, support and hosting, the company is now one of the very few providers worldwide that is certified as a global SAP partner in all three of these core areas.
The SAP global partnership stretches not only across national borders, but it also spans a broad range of industries, technologies and user groups.
"As an SAP Global Support Partner, we offer support for end-to-end applications at our data centres around the world at a consistently high level of quality in keeping with the Run SAP methodology. This covers the entire lifecycle of the SAP applications," says Christoph Hermann, VP of global delivery unit, SAP Services ICTO at T-Systems, explaining a key advantage of the certification.
"Using the Run SAP methodology, we can offer our customers extremely reliable services and higher availability for business processes. SAP end-to-end solutions minimise risks and downtime."
T-Systems has relied on Run SAP methodology since the fall of 2009. The innovative methodology optimises SAP systems by introducing end-to-end solution operation standards, in connection with the initial best practice-based implementation of SAP projects.
T-Systems customers will profit from the global Run SAP Operations certification in many ways. SAP standards for solution operations help lower costs by automating processes. They also offer enhanced traceability and verification protocols that help companies improve cost efficiency, quality assurance and compliance.
Global certification also makes T-Systems the best choice for implementing the Run SAP methodology in enterprises at the international level.
Last year, T-Systems Mexico was one of the first ICT service providers in Latin America to receive Run SAP certification in implementation, enabling it to offer customers cost-saving expertise in the planning and realisation of end-to-end solution standards.