When driving down the highway or sitting in the traffic, users may be tempted to peek at their messages on their BlackBerry smartphones. For safety's sake, resist the temptation – it is always better to wait until out of the car before reading messages.

However, with the SafeReader feature in the Vlingo app for BlackBerry smartphones, incoming messages can be read out loud to users – lallowing them to keep their eyes on the road.
Vlingo does more than just read emails – it is a full-featured voice-command system for BlackBerry smartphones.
The concept is simple: the application provides voice-based tools for BlackBerry smartphones.
The aforementioned SafeReader, for example, reads new messages out loud as they come in. Voice recognition lets users enter text faster than they can type, while voice commands let them open other apps, send texts and emails, chat via BlackBerry Messenger, update Facebook and Twitter and more.
To use Vlingo, users hold down the side key down and speak their comand. Release the side button when done. Vlingo listens to what users say, and then does what they ask.
The Vlingo app for BlackBerry smartphones is available for download from BlackBerry App World.