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Comstor, a dedicated value added distributor of Cisco networking, collaboration and data centre solutions and a business unit of Westcon Group, has announced it is a recipient of a Cisco Partner Summit Global Award for Global Distribution Partner of the Year.

In addition, Comstor received global recognition for the company’s Distribution Accelerated Partner (DAP) programme, and was recipient of 15 theatre, geography and country-specific awards.
Cisco Partner Summit awards are designed to recognise exemplary channel partners who demonstrate best-in-class business practices and serve as a model to the industry.
Areas of consideration include innovative practices, application successes, unique programs, problem-solving and sales approaches. All winners are selected by a group of Cisco Worldwide Channels and regional theatre executives.
"Cisco is proud to partner with so many well-respected and industry-leading organisations worldwide, and it is my privilege to recognise Comstor as a Cisco Partner Summit global award winner," says Scott Brown, VP of distribution for worldwide channels at Cisco.
“The Global Distribution Partner of the Year Award presented to Comstor recognises its outstanding achievement as a Cisco channel partner in 2010.”
In addition to Global Distribution Partner of the Year, Comstor was recognised globally for its DAP programme in Brazil, as well as its work in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Latin America, North Africa and the United Arab Emirates.  
As part of this programme, Westcon SA currently runs its professional services arm, or DAP programme, under the auspices of Westcon Works which has also been recognised globally.
Westcon Works in South Africa consists of a dedicated professionals who work hand in glove with the technical, business and sales teams of its resellers, in order to augment the existing resources of partners and assist in attaining and providing services that they might otherwise have been unable to fulfil.
“For more than a decade, Comstor has a proven track-record as one of Cisco’s premier value added distributors. Our dedicated teams focus on helping partners worldwide accelerate their businesses by leveraging Cisco solutions across a range of networking, collaboration and data centre technologies,” says Jon Pritchard, president, Comstor Worldwide.
“We’re proud of our long-standing relationship with Cisco, and are deeply honoured they have chosen to recognise us as one of their most highly valued, strategic global distribution partners.”
Comstor was highlighted across a broad range of categories, winning 15 awards globally across country, geography and theatre categories.  Some of the awards representing the depth and breadth of the company’s global business include:
* Global Distribution Partner of the Year.
* Global DAP Distribution Partner of the Year.
* European Markets: Distribution Partner of the Year.
* United Kingdom:  Distribution Partner of the Year.
* France:  Distribution Partner of the Year.
* Germany:  Distribution Partner of the Year.
* Belgium and Luxembourg:  Distribution Partner of the Year.
* The Netherlands:  Distribution Partner of the Year.
* Spain:  Distribution Partner of the Year.
* Latin America:  Distribution Partner of the Year.
* Brazil:  Distribution Partner of the Year.
* North Africa and Levant:  Regional Distributor of the Year.
* United Arab Emirates:  Distribution Partner of the Year.
Cisco Partner Summit awards are presented at three levels: regional, theatre and global. Cisco Partner Summit global awards reflect the top-performing channel partners within a specific technology market across several geographic regions.