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Moving an entire company to a temporary office in a rural area sounds like a recipe for major disruption – but that’s exactly what Harford Sports Promotions (HSP) did for the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge. Thanks to Turrito Networks, the process was painless.

When running a big sports event, the business need to be on site. For MD Tanya Harford and her team at HSP, once a year that means relocating from their Bryanston head office to temporary accommodation at the Waterfall Country Estate near Kyalami, to run the Momentum 94.7 Cycle challenge.
“Previously, we all relied on 3G cards because there’s no landline or ADSL service at Waterfall,” says Harford. “That meant the call centre had to stay back at the office and I didn’t get to hear what was going on. This year we decided to change that.
"We wanted all our phone lines and data links switched over to the Waterfall site for 10 days before the race. We also needed to accommodate an extra five temporary staff for the race contact centre, as well as provide connectivity for all the media covering the event.”
Harford turned to Turrito Networks to build a wireless access solution, that not only provided all the data bandwidth and telephone lines needed, but also lowered HSP’s costs.
“HSP approached us to deploy a voice and data solution, and to ensure the call centre could manage large volumes and quality voice,” says Turrito’s sales director, Louis Jardim. “Our team provisioned a voice over IP (VoIP) and data solution, which reduced HSP’s costs dramatically – and the quality of calls and data was exceptional throughout the event.”
“It was a big step forward from relying on 3G cards,” confirms Harford. “With the call centre at the race site, it was much easier for me to stay on top of everything. We successfully handled nearly 8,000 calls during the week.”
As for the media, “all they wanted was connectivity, and they were happy. We didn’t have to make any excuses; they got what they wanted, when they wanted it. It really added to the professionalism and credibility of the event. Next year we’ll go for more telephone lines and even more bandwidth.”
“Rolling out a solution of this scale in such a short time can be challenging,” notes Turrito’s MD, Brian Timperley. “There are always compatibility challenges with PBXs, you need to get the quality right and ensure stability. Because the site was only available in the week prior to the event, we prepared and tested all the equipment in the weeks leading up to the Cycle Challenge.
"We were then able to install the wireless link, and have the site up and running within days, including all the checks needed to ensure the event went off without incident. We align very closely with our customers when it comes to delivery times. If it’s managed right, you can deliver services before deadline, and that makes all the difference in the world to our customers,” notes Timperley.
Turrito Networks are a converged communications provider, delivering solutions off the backbone of South Africa’s largest Tier1 Networks, as well as independent infrastructure operators.
Turrito forms part of the MICROmega Group of companies, one of the largest investment holding companies in South Africa, listed on the JSE.
Turrito Networks currently delivers solutions to over 60 SMME and corporate customers throughout South Africa.
“SMMEs are typically neglected by the larger Tier1s, since their spend does not warrant high access to the ISPs resources and skills. If you’re not a huge corporate spending millions, you’re unlikely to get the level of service delivery companies would expect,” says Timperley.
“We’ve built our business on the principle of delivering exceptional service to SMMEs, whilst our customers still enjoy the benefit of Tier1 SLAs and stability. The idea is to deliver the best of both worlds, and give our customers access to all of the solutions available in our industry, rather than those from a single provider.”
Jardim adds, “When dealing with your current provider, they won’t turn around and say a competitor has a better solution, even though they very well might. We approach the market from a neutral place, delivering the solutions that meet our customers needs best, regardless of which provider that solution comes from. It’s delivering true best-of-breed services, not just the best a single provider can give you.”