Charity organisations and NGOs rely on donations to allow them to ensure they meet their mandates and help those in need. However, while donations of food, clothes and other necessities are habitually received by these types of companies, the items necessary for their successful management are often neglected.

MaAfrika Tikkun, a non-profit NGO that works toward the transformation of South African communities by caring for vulnerable children and orphans in townships, now has one less thing to worry about in the running of its organisation, thanks to the donation of security software.
Kaspersky South Africa, together with its distributor Phoenix Software, has donated 200 security software licenses to ensure that Ma Afrika Tikkun’s computer systems are protected from the many online dangers threatening Internet users today.
“Protection against malware and viruses is critical for the successful running of any company, but even more so for those organisations that can least afford to replace essential systems or data as the result of an attack,” explains Claire Ellis, marketing manager for sub-Saharan Africa at Kaspersky South Africa.
“These things are not just important in terms of the running of the business in the case of a charity organisation like Ma Afrika Tikkun, but also in terms of providing basic human necessities such as food, shelter and education to those people that rely on the charity.”
In addition to its internal systems that assist in the management of the organisation, the charity has a number of computer learning centres around the company. These provide education programmes for children aged seven to 19.
“These centres are essential to our Youth Development Programme, through which we provide education services such as computer skills and literacy. The youths come to our centres after school, and thereby avoid becoming influenced by gangs, becoming addicted to drugs and participating in crime, and also learn valuable skills,” says Cheryl Ayogou, chief operating officer of projects at Ma Afrika Tikkun.
CEO of Phoenix Software, Simon Campbell-Young, says that it takes a commitment from all South Africans to bring about a better future, but many don’t have the opportunity to participate in that future due to their lack of access to technology.
Initiatives such as Ma Afrika Tikkun’s computer centres are vital to changing that status quo.
“We believe that access to a safe computing environment is as important to children as a safe home environment, and are happy to do what we can to ensure this. We are proud to be partnering with an organisation such as Ma Africa Tikkun,” he adds.