Xen.org, the home of the open source Xen hypervisor, has announced the availability of Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) 1.0.

Developed as part of the Xen Cloud Project introduced in 2009, XCP 1.0 provides a full-featured solution for small and medium size enterprises wanting to build private clouds, as well as open source enthusiasts, universities and researchers wanting to experiment with cloud computing.
It represents a shift in enterprise usability for Xen.org, which has traditionally released software as source code only. XCP enables developers to create and “play” with new and innovative technologies and techniques against a mature, stable and scalable virtualisation stack.
Key facts and highlights of the solution include:
* XCP is an open source server virtualisation platform in a single, tested installable image that features the Xen hypervisor, network and storage support, a management stack and tools, as well as support for a range of guest operating systems, including Windows and Linux.
* As a result of the close alignment between the Xen.org and Openstack communities, XCP 1.0 integrates seamlessly with the OpenStack Bexar release, providing an end-to-end open source software stack covering everything from the bare metal to cloud orchestration software.
This integration will significantly help progress the vision of Xen.org and OpenStack to enable widespread ubiquity of virtual and cloud computing.
* XCP 1.0 includes a fully featured, enterprise-class Xen API Management tool stack with features such as disaster recovery support, security, real-time performance monitoring, support for multi-host resource pools, and upgrade and patching capabilities.
* XCP 1.0 provides support for virtual networking capabilities via Open vSwitch and a range of open source GUI management tools.
* The Xen community will also be enabled to test features with XCP 1.0 that could offer future value to enterprise products such as Citrix XenServer and Citrix OpenCloud.
“2011 is set to be the year when cloud deployments become even more widespread, and tools like XCP 1.0 will prove critical in developing the mature and secure cloud services of tomorrow. AMD is committed to supporting the open-source Xen Community," says Margaret Lewis, director of commercial software solutions at AMD.
"The powerful combination of  AMD Opteron processors, with high core counts and outstanding power efficiency, and the Xen Cloud Platform can enable innovative, end-to-end solutions that deliver the features, scalability and performance that cloud providers require.”