Fixed mobile convergence is a reality today. The RedLinX fixed mobile convergence (FMC) solution enables service providers to offer subscribers seamless access to enterprise communications services via any subscriber-selected phone device, whether a mobile handset, IP phone, softphone or traditional PSTN handset.

This FMC application is available as an option for the RedLinX E-REV (ENTICE Residential and Enterprise VoIP) hosted PBX solution and is designed to work with any mobile network infrastructure – without the need for any special business or technical arrangements with mobile operators. This offering is made available through VocalTec, a partner of RedLinX Telecoms.
As a service provider, an FMC offering allows users to provide a valuable service to their enterprise customers. Enterprises regard FMC as a business advantage that improves employee productivity and accessibility while reducing communication costs.
Users or subscribers of an FMC service benefit from the convenience and time savings of a single-number, single-voicemail service coupled with the freedom to control call handling depending on context.
In addition, the RedLinX FMC solution is easy to use, set-up and administer.
Easy-to-use configuration tools allow subscribers to customise their FMC service and alter their selections at any time. Whether at home, in the office or on the road, subscribers using mobile handsets can initiate calls by dialling an access code followed by the called party’s number.
The E-REV software authenticates the subscriber based on the mobile number and connects the call by establishing two outgoing legs: one to the mobile handset and the other to the called party.
Because the E-REV service establishes both legs of the call via the network, the potential high costs of long distance or international calls charged by the mobile operator are avoided and any costs associated with the call are allocated to the subscriber’s E-REV account.
Some of the Benefits to RedLinX FMC solution include:
* Provides single-number accessibility regardless of location or phone device.
* Extends E-REV hosted PBX services to mobile devices without added costs.
* Enables international mobile calling using VoIP service, reducing costs.
* Streamlines call handoffs between any two phone devices without interruption.
* Enhances subscriber control over communications, improving productivity.
* Enables subscribers to avoid international roaming charges by initiating calls to a local number.
The RedLinX FMC solution offers the flexibility and ease to both service providers and subscribers.
For the service providers it will be a key product to enterprise customers offering; whilst the subscribers’ biggest business advantage will be that it improves employee productivity and accessibility while reducing communication costs.