As the world has become increasingly connected, the way in which people interact with digital data and storage has changed, and the home user is driving demand for ever increasing capacity and functionality. Users now not only want to store and protect digital content, but access and share it across multiple locations.

Western Digital (WD), global pioneer of storage solutions, has always been on the forefront of technological demand, and has extended its offering to incorporate a range of solutions to help home users connect and share their content throughout their homes, including media players, network drives and powerline AV networking kits, to make the creation of the connected home a simple and hassle-free process.
At a recently held road show to reinforce the WD brand into the South African market, the company announced the latest addition to its home entertainment portfolio, the WD TV Live Hub, an innovative combination of media player and storage centre which enables users to store, play and share their favourite content throughout their networked house in high definition.
"With the growing popularity of social networking and user generated content, digital storage is no longer simply about a device to keep data on. Users want to share their content across the world and throughout their homes, and the WD range of home entertainment solutions has been designed to enable them to do just this.
"The TV Live Hub is the next step in the evolution of these products as it allows users to connect USB devices directly to the Hub, and store and share movies, photographs, music and Internet content on their HD televisions," says Khalid Wani, sales director branded products, MEA and India at Western Digital.
The TV Live Hub enables users to easily view their personal content in full 1080p HD playback, supporting almost all types of media files, centralising their media collection.
It comes with a storage capacity of up to 1Tb, offering plenty of space for home content, and allows for direct USB connection to a variety of devices including cameras, video cameras, music players and portable hard drives.
"Value is added through WD's strategic partnerships with websites such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and, and users can leverage these relationships using their WD TV Live Hub," Wani adds.
To help people make the most of their TV Live Hub with a stable Internet connection, WD has included the WD Livewire, a powerline AV networking kit that enables users to extend their wireless Internet connection to their HDTV and media centre.
"The WD Livewire enables users to extend their home network instantly without running wires, giving them the speed they need to stream HD content and multiple secure connection offerings. Simply plug the adaptors into electrical outlets to quickly and easily create a high speed Internet connection anywhere in the home," says Wani.
To complement these offerings, the WD home entertainment range also includes the TV Live network media player, as well as My Book Live, a home network drive that enables media to be centralised and played through any DLNA certified device.
"Watching videos and viewing media content on laptops or desktop computers is a thing of the past. Thanks to the innovative home entertainment solutions offered by WD, home users can now stream their content easily to HD televisions for greater viewing pleasure, with solutions from the world leader in storage offerings.
"Our ongoing product development and range of accessories allows users to bring their homes truly into the 21st century," Wani concludes.