Local developers looking to develop applications on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 (WP7) platform have been given a boost with the launch of Yalla Apps in Dubai last week.

Yalla Apps is a developer portal launched by Prototype Interactive, in association with Microsoft.
Developers in 79 countries across the Middle East and Africa can sign up to Yalla Apps immediately, and start unlocking WP7 phones for testing, then submit, publish and earn money from their WP7 apps. Registration for students in South Africa is free.
Alexander Rauser, the CEO of Prototype Interactive, says Yalla Apps will help developers create compelling mobile content for the Windows Phone platform.
“By creating a community around Windows Phone 7 development and offering additional services, such as the module marketplace, Yalla Apps will be a springboard that will provide regional developers with tools to monetise their applications and create new revenue opportunities,” he sys.
Microsoft’s mobility director for the Middle East and Africa region, Gustavo Fuchs, says the move underlined Microsoft’s commitment to creating new developer opportunities in Windows Phone 7.
“Yalla Apps will enable us to reach out to developers across the region. We see enormous potential in terms of the talent that is available across the region to develop new and exciting Windows Phone 7 applications.”
Yalla Apps will make it easy for developers to distribute their applications on the portal through a simple and accessible process, say Microsoft and Prototype. They will also use the Yalla Apps community to facilitate development support, so that developers can get their applications distributed as fast as possible.
The platform will offer developers the opportunity to download Windows Phone 7 application templates, sample code and components to get a quick start in their application development.
Developers can upload their own code and share it with the community, either on a free or paid basis. They will also be able to discuss and get insights into the latest Windows Phone 7 developer tools, and enhance their development experience on the portal’s forum.