Harness the power of truly mobile connectivity with the VKOM 401W mobile hotspot from Nology, an innovative 3G modem that's small enough to fit in users' pockets, and gives them the freedom to access the Internet from any Wi-Fi enabled device wherever a 3G network is available.

A built-in wireless access point lets users share an Internet connection with a variety of devices quickly and easily, from mobile phones to portable gaming consoles, laptops, PCs and tablets, without having to connect via a cumbersome USB cable or install connection software.
And with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to three hours on a single charge, the VKOM 401W provides the ultimate in mobile connectivity for users on the move.
"With WPA or WPA2 encryption, users can easily create their own personal secure Wi-Fi hotspot around the device. This opens up a world of possibilities for the mobile worker, who previously was bound to a 3G modem that had to be plugged in to a USB slot and could only be used by one device at a time," says Ross Griffiths, product manager at Nology.
"With the VKOM 401W, mobile workers can access the Internet from all of their devices wherever they are, with ease and no fuss."
The VKOM 401W weighs in at only 60 grams and measures less than 10 centimetres from end to end. This powerful pocket-sized device can wirelessly connect up to five devices at a time, and with access to a
variety of networks including UMTS, GSM, GPRS and EDGE, provides a connection anywhere where there is cellular phone reception.
Another benefit is that the device is interoperable with all local networks, and does not require a compulsory contract, providing the freedom of choice and ability to change service provider whenever required.
No drivers are required to run the device, and it is fully compatible with all operating systems, delivering high speed data transfer of up to 7.2Mbps.
A MicroSD interface also enables files to be transferred over the network.
"With the VKOM 401W users can create a plug and play, full-featured office style network wherever their work or leisure takes them. In today's increasingly mobile world, where people want to be constantly connected, this 3G modem offers an edge over its competitors," says Griffiths.
"With support for all types of operating systems, a variety of features and functionality and a form factor small enough to be truly portable, it represents the next evolution of mobile connectivity.
"Nology is dedicated to providing the best technology and innovative products to our resellers to allow them to deliver what their customers want. For our channel partners, this opens up a new avenue to explore, as the VKOM 401W is one of few devices that offers this level of functionality and mobility at a price point that is highly attractive to customers," he concludes.
The VKOM 401W package ships standard with the 3G Wi-Fi modem router, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, USB cable, quick start guide and power adaptor, ensuring no additional parts or components need to be purchased.