South African company, MonsterPay (a subsidiary of Setcom) is joining in the appeal for international aid during the humanitarian crisis in Japan by facilitating donations to the Japanese Red Cross at

Rescue teams from around the world have been working around the clock to help find and rescue the thousands of victims still reported missing. Their tireless efforts have been continuously hampered by numerous fires, aftershocks and tsunami alerts, whilst many areas along the Northeastern coastline remain isolated and unreachable by emergency teams. Approximately 590 000 people have been evacuated following the disaster, according to the United Nations, and more than 10 000 are reportedly feared dead or missing.
Despite the brave efforts of rescuers and relief services, millions of people, especially along the coastal countryside, are still without water, food or electricity in near freezing winter temperatures. Emergency shelters are still struggling to receive much needed supplies.
The Japanese Red Cross has deploying numerous national disaster response teams to carry out assessments and provide first aid and healthcare in the affected areas. Continuous emergency relief planning is underway and aid from the international community is much needed.
The best and easiest way to help the Red Cross is to support them with a donation of money, and one of the most efficient ways to give is by making a donation online. MonsterPay has created a user-friendly webpage, which will allow those who would like to contribute to the relief effort to make donations via various payment options. You thus don’t require a credit card to contribute.
All donations will be transferred directly to the Japanese Red Cross and all fees will be paid by MonsterPay to ensure that 100% of the donation reaches where it is needed most.