Lenovo has signed a deal with Incredible Connection under which Lenovo’s high-end multimedia notebooks, mid-range consumer notebooks and high definition multimedia All-in-One PCs will be sold through the retailer’s conventional and Megastores countrywide.

Lenovo’s essential G series notebooks fared well as part of Incredible Connection’s 2010 festive season offering, and the new deal will see the higher-end Y and mainstream Z series being offered through the retailer, followed later by the All-in-One series machines as opportunities in the stores permit.
“What Incredible Connection represents to the South African consumer is an unparalleled choice of premium globally branded products,” says Incredible Connection CEO, Dave Miller. “So, Lenovo’s global presence and the fact that Lenovo is the fastest growing brand in the South African market coupled with our comprehensive coverage of the market and ability to offer customers the best of international brands are good not just for the two organisations but also for consumers.
“In addition, Lenovo products fit our criteria for enabling humanity and technology to meet under the best possible conditions. Lenovo’s product quality, innovation, service, and support fulfil all the requirements on which we base decisions to list products.”
Henry Ferreira, Lenovo South Africa GM, says that, as the dominant player in the consumer notebook and All-in-One PC market; Incredible Connection provides an ideal outlet for Lenovo. “We’re growing so quickly in South Africa that we’re outstripping the market in all sectors: consumer, small and medium business, and corporate.
“We want to keep that momentum going while retaining our reputation for the originality, reliability, and robustness that enables users be always on, always connected, and able to access and work with the information that is important to them in the easiest, fastest, most relevant way. Incredible Connection, whose corporate culture and public image are very similar to ours, is the vehicle that will allow us to do that in the consumer and, to some extent, the small business market."