Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) 2011, facilitated by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), will once again take place from 21 to 25 March this year.

ContinuitySA, South Africa’s leading business continuity management (BCM) service provider, will once again play a central role in the event.
BCAW is a global educational event designed to help people understand more about BCM, its applications and benefits. This year’s events will provide new opportunities to learn more about BCM and engage with experts from around the world, including South Africa.
For example, the BCI has organised a series of webcasts that will run throughout the week. Viewers can view them live and ask questions, or watch recordings at their convenience. Demonstrating the quality of South Africa’s BCM skills, two of ContinuitySA’s experts have been asked to take part in the programme.
Millington Gumbo will speak on “Why risk management should be a continuous process?” on 22 March. The presentation will be broadcast live and stored online.
Derek Taylor will present the following day, 23 March, on “Providing transparent corporate governance and risk oversight”. His presentation will also be available online.
Local business continuity experts and interested parties will not be left out, as ContinuitySA is hosting its own local awareness presentations on Thursday 24 March.
Aimed at the local market and local conditions, ContinuitySA’s Justin Hammann will offer insights on “A decade (and a bit) since Y2K”. Lynn Jackson will then ask if the acid mine drainage problem is a risk to businesses. The conference will be held at ContinuitySA.