Goodyz Media, in partnership with Cape Town based MobiZAR, has launched a unique new version of its popular Goodyz mobile phone software, that allows users to support a charity of their choice at no cost – simply by downloading and running the free Goodyz4Charity application on their mobile phones.

“Goodyz4Charity takes the Goodyz concept of giving free mobile content to users interspersed with relevant, value-enhancing advertising, and adds a new dimension to this by allowing users to passively, and at no cost to themselves, support worthy causes," says Martin Silver, executive for Goodyz4Charity.
"The charity support is ultimately funded by the advertisers on Goodyz4Charity, making the concept truly win-win-win for the consumer, the advertiser and the charity.”
Silver continues, “We have had a phenomenally positive response to our initiative from South African charities, and have signed up Cotlands, Childline, Food and Trees for Africa, Habitat for Humanity, The Sunflower Fund and Operation Hunger for our initial launch."
Justin Lavers, marketing manager for Goodyz Media, adds: “With Goodyz, we are continually looking for ways to add value to users’ mobile phone experience, at little or no cost to themselves. Users are increasingly using our free mobile content application as a source of entertainment and reference, and this new relationship adds a unique niche to the concept by introducing the ‘feel-good’ factor as well.”
Goodyz4Charity is a smartphone application that works on the Symbian (Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony) and Blackberry operating systems. It displays customised, funky and engaging content and ads to users, and rewards users for seeing ads with free services and content items – including wallpapers, music, games and ringtones.
Goodyz4Charity also allows users to comment on and interact with the content, and over time builds a close understanding of what the user wants – which then enables Goodyz4Charity to deliver an even better experience to the user.