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Konica Minolta’s bizhub C35 colour multi-functional peripheral (MFP) has been awarded a prestigious BERTL’s Best Award, focusing on the benefits received by users and business dynamics, rather than the simple feed and speed productivity, reliability testing and pricing list checks of the past.

The independent testing lab, BERTL, has given the full colour bizhub C35 MFP its accolade in the Best Feature Rich A4 Color MFP category, which is one of BERTL’s Best Workgroup awards.
Among other features, BERTL based its decision on the device’s colour touch screen display, its advanced scanning capabilities and its Emperon controller technology.
“The bizhub C35 gives sterling service in small workgroups in larger companies where it often complements larger output devices. It may also be used as a single central hub in smaller businesses,” comments Andrew Griffith, product manager at Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa.
“Receiving a notable award such as a BERTL’s Best is always an honour. At the same time, it is a mandate to further pursue our goal of combining ease of use and technology leadership in our devices. That is why the majority of the qualities BERTL particularly distinguished in the bizhub C35 can also be found in our entire bizhub line-up.”
He explains that the colour touch screen display, which was particularly appreciated by BERTL in the bizhub C35, is a signature feature of all bizhubs.
“It provides users with an intuitive and clearly arranged user interface to manage document distribution,” he says.
Versatility in scanning and faxing was a further criterion for BERTL bestowing its distinction on the bizhub C35.
“As a device targeted at small workgroups either as single hub or complementing network devices, scanning – along with printing, copying, faxing – is a central requirement. Users benefit from scan to e-mail, scan to FTP, scan to SMB, scan to USB, scan to HDD and network TWAIN, at speeds of up to 30 originals per minute.
"For faxing, the bizhub C35 is equipped with a Super G3 fax that includes fax forwarding and PC faxing.”
He adds that proof of Konica Minolta’s technology leadership is the bizhub C35’s outstanding image quality and enhanced print resolution, which are made possible by the company’s Simitri HD polymerised toner.
“BERTL also listed these properties in its statement for awarding a BERTL’s Best Award to the bizhub C35. The same is also true of Konica Minolta’s proprietary Emperon controller technology integrated in the bizhub C35. This technology makes sure everything works smoothly. It stands for multi-tasking and allows for simultaneous completion of individual jobs,” says Griffith.
Particularly noted by BERTL was the bizhub Extended Solution Technology Developer Support Programme, shortened to the acronym bEST. The bizhub C35 is equipped with this technology providing an interface between one or more bizhubs and software applications residing on PCs or servers.
“With bEST being an integral part of Konica Minolta’s bizhub open platform, it also makes bizhubs and related software applications more accessible for both customers and developers.
“Taken together, the above-mentioned qualities make the bizhub C35 a highly valuable workgroup device, a fact that BERTL has underlined and appreciated within its Best Award in its Best Feature Rich A4 Color MFP category,” concludes Griffith.