The owners of MyToshiba have signed an arrangement with CSSI, the distributors of Toshiba Storage Devices, to supply hard drives and Toshiba consumer products online.

The company’s niche offering is in the ability to supply and source storage devices that are hard to source, at their end of life, such as SCSI, IDE and SAS drives, or low capacity devices needed as replacements in servers or unique equipment.
MyToshiba will have the full range of capacity drives and supply the new and latest range of consumer storage products, such as external drives and upgrade notebook drives for desktops, notebooks and servers devices.
MyToshiba guarantees door-to-door shipping and next day order dispatch, with very competitive pricing. The website will also sell Toshiba notebooks on launch, and when specials are available.
The MyToshiba site is fully operational and the owners are launching online competitions to win an IPAD, hard drives and external drives. Winners will be announced by the end of April.