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In a world where the customer is king, a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software solution is a key ingredient for business success. Networks Unlimited, a distributor of IT security and networking solutions based in South Africa, upgraded its existing system to Sage SalesLogix and have not looked back.

Anthony Piel, the CFO at Networks Unlimited, says the system provides a host of useful information that they simply did not have before.
“Sage SalesLogix gives a 360 degree view of customer interactions across departments and teams, with the resulting information and insights making for better planning, managing and forecasting. We are able to measure our sales team’s performance more accurately, and they in turn have a tool they can use to help them manage their own opportunities.
“Since the implementation of the system, we are able to forecast and plan more effectively, which has enhanced customer service and productivity due to the abandonment of manual processes. The system allows a snapshot at any given time that shows exactly where we are in terms of opportunities and targets, which ultimately maximises our annuity revenue.
"We now have the capacity to take on more product lines and have more time available for strategic planning rather than reactive management,” explains Piel.
Nicole Barnes from iSquared, a SalesLogix solution provider for Softline Accpac, says the client was looking for a CRM solution that would benefit all the business processes within the company from sales through to support and asset management.
“Networks Unlimited needed accurate measurement and visibility of their sales pipeline and opportunities. SalesLogix has replaced the organisation’s manual systems and has provided the tools the sales team needs to take ownership of the sales process and be accountable for it,” says Barnes.
Sage SalesLogix CRM software is designed to increase productivity says Keith Fenner, VP of sales at Softline Accpac, part of Softline and Sage Group.
“SalesLogix frees the sales team up to focus on actual sales. The system incorporates comprehensive contact and account information that will help the sales team to ramp up quickly with personalised workspaces, ease of use and integration with popular applications such as Outlook, that allows the team to stay on-top of their game whether they are in the office or on the road.
"Complex selling cycles are also accommodated by means of powerful process automation capabilities that improve the sales team’s effectiveness by aiding to drive opportunities to a close more quickly,” Fenner explains.
The fact that SalesLogix comes with a remote client was a key motivator behind the implementation of the system.
“iSquared started the process by doing a comprehensive business analysis of our sales processes and current product and asset management requirements. The system was customised accordingly and implemented across our three regional offices.
"We required minimal training, as the entire system is very logical and user friendly. Monthly support from iSquared also keeps us on track and ensures that the system is running smoothly. I don’t know how we could ever go back, or how we ever managed to operate without SLX,” Piel concludes.