Notebook and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company, has installed a free Wi-Fi hotspot at popular seafood restaurant, Crawdaddys.

The pilot site has been installed at the Brooklyn eatery, with other sites to follow in Menlyn and Centurion.
What makes the Wi-Fi hotspot different from other Wi-Fi hotspots, says Christopher Riley, MD of The Notebook Company, is that patrons do not need a username or a password to connect to the network.
“Firstly, there are often certain charges at Wi-Fi hotspots, and secondly, having to log in with usernames and passwords can be a real hassle. We have created a hassle-free Wi-Fi environment where a user can be on-line within seconds.”
Riley also urged other establishments who offer Wi-Fi hotspots where users don’t need to make use of usernames or passwords to contact The Notebook Company, so that they can be logged on the company’s website.
“I want to create a list of Wi-Fi hotspots – where usernames and passwords are not required – so that the public can find out where these sites are. These will be the best ones to work from. Certainly from a hassle-free perspective – and a hassle-free environment is what today’s user wants."