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Despite the current focus on PDAs and mobile computing devices, the mainframe market is not only still very much alive, but is actually expanding. IT management experts CA Southern Africa now provide new tools to answer the growing need for improved productivity in mainframe management.

While market trends show that mainframe usage is increasing, the specialised skills needed for mainframe management are harder to find. CA Mainframe Chorus is a new product that enables all IT staff to collaborate in a workspace setting that creates access for the whole team, and not exclusively those trained on mainframe.
“The mainframe trend is probably also driven by the adoption of cloud computing,” says Gary Lawrence, MD of CA Southern Africa. “This puts a focus on connections to the mainframes that are still the core of enterprise networks.”
Lack of accessibility to mainframe management systems has been a problem for a number of years, and CA’s new solution to this problem has been very well received by industry experts.
“We are very pleased that the CA Mainframe Chorus solution has just won the award of Best Mainframe Product from Jon Toigo, a recognised industry expert,” says Lawrence.
“The product truly is next-generation. It provides better productivity for expert mainframe staff, and also enables access and use by other, non-mainframe IT workers. Mainframe Chorus introduces a management workspace paradigm that makes it possible for Java and .NET staff to work effectively alongside their experienced mainframe colleagues.”
This new solution arrived in late 2010 and is designed around input from customers augmented by years of research with the goal of establishing a management product that answered the common needs in the mainframe space.
“Mainframe Chorus provides a role-based, integrated management workspace that can be used by all qualified staff, not just mainframe experts,” says Lawrence. “It has rich data visualisation and an improved user interface.
“Behind that are the very advanced tools with knowledge capture and transfer abilities that make this the centrepiece of CA Technologies’ Mainframe 2.0 strategy.”
Key administrative tasks are split according to workers’ roles, and the management workspace enables them to collaborate quickly and efficiently.
“CA Management Chorus allows customers to maximise platform value and performance, simplify management and provide practical innovation for the whole range of key administrative tasks,” Lawrence concludes.