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Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones is the easiest way for BlackBerry users to access their Facebook account and stay connected to their friends, family and peers while on the go. There are currently well over 30-million monthly active users on Facebook for BlackBerry, and approximately 21-million active daily users on Facebook for BlackBerry.

RIM is pleased to announce that it has launched a new beta version of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones.
Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v2.0, with a new look and feel, provides a more integrated, compelling mobile Facebook experience, and makes it even easier for BlackBerry users to keep track of friends, book meetings and add content to their profiles.
Key features of the app include:
* “Always on” Facebook chat notifications.
* Redesigned navigation grid.
* New notifications bar.
* Improved news feed scrolling.
* Enhanced profiles.
* Added publisher functionality.
* Updated user interface.
Users wishing to be part of the limited beta version should visit BlackBerry's website. Users have the opportunity to speak to Tom Goguen, VP, collaboration and social networking at RIM, to find out more about the use of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones.