Mozilla will release Firefox 4 today to more than 400-million users, in 80 languages, worldwide. The new browser goes head-to-head with Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 9 and Google’s Chrome.

The latest release candidate has been updated with some security fixes and updates to some localisations.
Features available in Firefox 4 include the ability for users to synchronise their settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, open tabs and other customizations across multiple devices.
Users are also able to organize their tables, dragging and dropping then into manageable groups that they can organize, name and arrange however they wish.
They can also manage add-ons and personalise their browsing experience.
Firefox 4 contains huge performance enhancements, including Mozilla’s new JägerMonkey JavaScript engine, which improves start-up times, graphics rendering and improved page load speed.
Firefox recently passed Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in Europe.