Lenovo has come out in support of its Japanese partner NEC, and is working to ensure that the joint venture will go ahead as planned later on this year.

The Chinese PC manufacturer has also made a $1-million donation to the relief effort in Japan and is working with local organisations to effectively de3ploy the fund.
“Clearly we must undertake a long-term assessment of how this tragedy impacts all aspects of our business in Japan,” a statement from Lenovo reads. “However, we are confident in the ability of the Japanese people to recover and rebuild. We firmly believe in the future of the Japan market.”
Lenovo reiterates that it remains committed to its business in Japan, and particularly to its recently-announced joint venture with NEC.
“Our immediate priority is ensuring minimal disruption to our customers and our supply chain,” the statement reads. “The joint venture agreement between Lenovo and NEC remains a high priority and will close this summer.
“When it takes effect, the joint venture will hold the number one market share position in Japan and offer a wide variety of PCs and new PC-related products including tablets.”
Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang comments: "Lenovo is fully committed to supporting relief, recovery and rebuilding in Japan. We also remain fully committed to our long term presence in Japan and to our relationship with NEC.
“Our focus now is on supporting the people of Japan, our employees, our customers and our partners . We are very confident in the future of Japan, the Japanese market and our business there."