Itec, South Africa’s leading office automation, production printing and telecommunication solutions provider, has named Itec Connect as the winner of its Dealer of the Year award for 2010/2011.

Itec Connect competed against 45 other Itec dealers around the country to win the award, which is judged against a wide range of business, technical and customer service criteria.
The award is seen as a prestigious one among Itec group partners and dealers, and competition to be named Dealer of the Year is extremely fierce.
Itec Connect, member of the Itec Connect Group of companies, offers small and medium enterprises, corporates and the public sector a complete set of office automation, telecommunication, security, power, video conferencing, managed voice and data solutions.
It combines these solutions with strong technical expertise, solid support and the highest service levels to deliver business value to its clients.
“We are honoured to be named the Itec Dealer of Year. We believe that the reasons for our success include the investments we have made into our technical skills base, our high customer satisfaction levels and our strong alignment with Itec’s brand values,” says Gavin Meyer, MD at Itec Connect.
Itec Connect is one of the fastest-growing office automation and telecom dealerships in the country, with a significant footprint in Gauteng and other parts of South Africa. The company has consistently experienced annual revenue growth in excess of 20% for the past few years.
“In a changing market, we have focused heavily on building our skills across a multi-brand, best of breed product portfolio and backing them up with superior customer service,” says Meyer. “We are extremely well-positioned in a market where technologies are converging and customers are looking for one bill from one service provider for a wide range of their technology needs.”
Ryan Miles, chief operating officer at Itec, says that the Itec Dealer of the Year award differs from many other channel awards in the sense that it seeks to reward dealers for building good, sustainable businesses with high customer service levels. For that reason, revenue growth is just one of several criteria Itec looks at when choosing its Dealer of the Year.
Other factors it looks at include each dealer’s investment into technical expertise, its alignment with and commitment to the Itec brand, its use of Itec’s proprietary systems and technologies to serve the customer base, and customer support levels.
Each dealer is judged against a set of criteria and goals weighted against the size of its business, so that a small dealership has as much chance of winning as a large one.
“Our goal with the Dealer of the Year award is to nurture a culture of business excellence and customer service orientation among our base of dealers. We congratulate Itec Connect on winning this award for 2010/11, but must also thank all our dealers for the excellent revenue growth and high customer satisfaction levels they achieved during the year,” concludes Miles.