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The marketplace is soaring to new heights as buyers and sellers take advantage of all the benefits the Internet has to offer.

The consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer trading platform that allows users to buy and sell new or used books, CDs, DVDs, games and electronics to’s users has reached a milestone of seven million product listings in under a year, making it the largest online marketplace of its kind in Africa.
Some small businesses have achieved such a level of success that they have closed their bricks-and-mortar stores and are now using the marketplace as their primary trading platform.
Gary Novitzkas, CEO of, attributes this success to several factors. “ marketplace has exceeded all our expectations and has achieved record numbers since launching in July 2010.
"Marketing savvy consumers and business owners have realised that our marketplace provides them with an unrivalled audience of connected consumers to tap into. Trust in our brand and our reputation for safe trading has also assisted greatly. Moreover, the marketplace payment model removes the risk of fraud for both buyers and sellers,” he says.
35% of buyers are ordering books, 30% films (DVDs), 18% games, 15% music (CDs) and 2.3% technology (computers and cell phones).
“ has historically been strong in the books category, making it a popular destination to bargain hunt. It is therefore no surprise that books tops the list. We anticipate our recently launched electronics category to catch-up quickly, however.”