Bytes Systems Integration and SAS Institute’s South Africa office have formed a local partnership in support of the international agreement between SAS and Teradata.

The partnership enables the two businesses to compete at the enterprise level with an end-to-end decisioning platform.
“Bytes Systems Integration has been the sole Teradata distributor in the country for more than 20 years,” says Pat Holgate, solutions architect at Bytes Systems Integration.
“Our long association with Teradata has enabled us to bring international data warehouse best practices to the country, and now with a formal, cohesive and closely bound partnership with SAS Institute’s local office, we can project our turnkey decisioning solution into the highest calibre of local organisations.”
“All of our customers operate in highly competitive environments – they need to be smarter, faster, and more efficient – and this partnership gives them a platform to achieve that,” says Murray de Villiers, GM of alliances at SAS Institute in South Africa.
“Due to our depth of involvement and our partnership with Bytes Systems Integration, we have a solid understanding of our clients’ core business, so as to help them make better decisions about which products and services they will take to their markets, enable them to get those to market quicker than the competition, and ensure that decisions are understood by the entire organisation.”
The international agreement between SAS and Teradata has been in place since October 2007, and has borne fruit in the form of 50 deals in EMEA during the past three years, with more than 150 worldwide across banking, telecommunications, and government.
De Villiers says the solution empowers businesses in those same industries locally, with the addition of retail. SAS has an extensive local customer base of 120 commercial customers and 30 to 40 public sector customers, and will approach those that stand to benefit from the Teradata solution.
The partnership sees an EMEA joint centre of excellence, including 74 highly skilled consultants, with some consultants resident in South Africa. Local consultants are supported by virtual teams from the region, in similar time zones.
The technical partnership between SAS and Teradata combines the two companies’ core strengths: data management, analytical and business intelligence software, and scalable data warehousing.
“By running and optimising certain SAS solutions and analytic processes within the Teradata database engine, businesses decrease data movement and increase performance, helping IT more quickly respond to business needs,” says Jonathan Klaus, GM of Teradata’s Middle East and Africa region.
“With this approach, analytic processes are up to 45 times faster, and one joint customer reported processing time cut from 36 hours to one hour and 15 minutes.”
Customers will be able to leverage SAS capabilities and analytical functions to utilise the core parallel processing inherent in Teradata’s architecture. Additionally, the joint roadmap also calls for selected SAS solutions targeting financial services and retail to be optimised with Teradata.
“As data volumes continue to grow exponentially, leading companies are making major investments in analytic solutions across the enterprise – from customer information, marketing, supply chain and risk to finance, IT and operations – to gain competitive advantages,” says De Villiers.