Increasing levels of competition, pressure to do more with less and ongoing volatile economic conditions mean that decision makers are forced to be more selective in their recruitment of skills. As a result, those entering the job market have to use whatever they have at their disposal to grab the attention of prospective employers.

According to recruitment specialists at Accsys, a national supplier of payroll, HR, time and attendance and access control solutions, the value of the curriculum vitae (CV) should not be underestimated.
“We live in an age of information, and because of the amount of data now available, and the volume of information technology being developed and released, decision makers can literally receive thousands of applications daily for positions. The CV is still considered to be a proven way of getting the attention of would-be employers and creating the right first impression,” says Teryl Schroenn, CEO, Accsys.
Accsys PeoplePlace is the aptly named recruitment division, and the team keeps a close watch on industry developments, current and emerging trends and industry requirements.
They advise candidates to polish up their CVs and make sure to include a number of key components. These components include a short covering letter to summarise experience and skill sets, easy to access referees, as well as any letters of commendation.
“It is very important to include as much relevant detail as possible. However, what is equally vital is layout and presentation. This says as much about an individual as the content of a CV itself. Current jobs at the front, education and skill sets should follow, use spell checker and point form structure, and personalise the letter for the prospective employer.
"It really helps to show that you understand both the company and the position you are applying for, and why you believe you are the right fit,” adds Schroenn.
Accsys management believes that adherence to these finer details pertaining to structure and presentation of the CV will enable candidates to gain precious competitive advantage in the race for jobs.