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Users are all getting used to fancy mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Blackberrys – but be careful of the applications running in the background, as they might chew up so much 3G that they will end up costing users their houses, says Christopher Riley, MD of Pretoria-based notebook and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company.

“We have all been wanting these devices to have multi-tasking capabilities – and most of them do now. But I think very few users know that nine out of 10 iPhones that I have looked at – being used by friends and customers – have about 20 applications running in the background. Users' first reaction normally is: ‘no wonder my battery does not last that long’.
“But that is not the crux of the matter,” says Riley. “The applications are eating away at a person’s 3G, which in certain cases could be in excess of R20,000 – even if one is in South Africa. Be more careful when you are travelling overseas and using these devices – you could end up losing your house due to massive vendor bills.”
Issuing a stern warning, Riley says users should make sure that they are not running applications minimised on these devices. The consequences could be dire.