Business managers and executives will have the insight of powerful business intelligence for faster, better decisions wherever they are, as a result of an alliance between MeLLmo, creator of Roambi, the leading business app for interactive mobile analytics, and SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services.

The two companies have announced a global partnership to deliver mobile BI to enterprises worldwide via the Roambi mobile solution.
The partnership will integrate Roambi ES3 with SAS Enterprise BI Server. With this integration, decision makers can access and visually interact with critical SAS business intelligence data on any iPhone or iPad, both online and offline, providing a truly mobile experience. Availability is expected in early April.
“Our research found that employees at top performing organisations – the best-in-class – were more than twice as likely as others to be able to find needed information using mobile business intelligence,” says David White, senior research analyst, Aberdeen Group.
“One of the reasons for this higher level of performance is that they are more likely to have a richer presentation of information that they can interact with. For example, the best-in-class are more likely to use charts and dashboards, and three times more likely to have the ability to drill down to access detailed information.”
With SAS and Roambi technology, decision makers in many industries can benefit. For example, a supply chain manager for a manufacturing firm might be on the road when market conditions cause a spike in orders for a typically slow moving product. The manager would be able to check parts inventory levels on his mobile device, and immediately initiate action if quantities are insufficient to meet demand.
“Our customers depend on the insight they get from SAS, and are eager to have mobile access to up-to-the-minute company information. The growing numbers of tablet computers and smartphones are an ideal way to extend the power of SAS beyond the traditional office environment,” says Goran Dragosavac, practice lead analytics at SAS South.
“Roambi’s intuitive and immersive mobile experience aligns perfectly with our mission of driving innovation and empowering better decisions.”
Designed for companies of all sizes, Roambi transforms SAS business intelligence reports and data into dashboard-style analytics, instantly delivered to any iPhone or iPad. Roambi's interactive and engaging user experience lets on-the-go SAS users quickly and intuitively access and analyse up-to-the-minute company information, enabling smart, collaborative decision making anytime, anywhere.
"For today's fast-paced and always-on work style, it is more important than ever for workers to have quick, reliable, mobile access to the latest business intelligence whenever and wherever they need it," says Santiago Becerra, chairman and co-founder of MeLLmo, the developer of Roambi.
"We are excited to partner with SAS to deliver engaging, intuitive mobile business intelligence to their global customers."
Roambi Lite, Roambi Pro and Roambi ES3 make up a complete suite of Roambi products for individuals, workgroups, SMBs and enterprises.
Organisations across diverse industries around the world, including telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, consumer technology and packaged goods, are expanding the reach and use of their existing business reporting system – and significantly improving its ROI.
Roambi gives mobile, always-on workers access to critical company information from the palms of their hands – providing a significant competitive advantage by increasing productivity and improving on-the-go decision making.
SAS provides the world's best analytics embedded in a business analytics framework that supports the entire decision-making process, including business intelligence, analytics, data management and targeted solutions.
By delivering insights gleaned from data about customers, suppliers, operations, performance and more, SAS business analytics provide the right answers to lead an enterprise forward, solving complex business problems and seizing new opportunities.