Kingston recommends that users apply a firmware update to all SSDNow V100 drives to prevent possible data loss, with a small percentage of these drives having experienced technical problems.

The firmware update to fix the technical issue is available via Kingston technical support or from the company's support page at
As with any firmware update, Kingston recommends that users back up their data prior to applying the firmware revision.
The affected part numbers are: SV100S2/64G, SV100S2D/64G, SV100S2N/64G, SV100S2/128G, SV100S2D/128G, SV100S2N/128G, SV100S2/256G, SV100S2D/256G and SV100S2N/256G.
None of Kingston’s other SSDNow products — with part numbers beginning with SNE, SNM, SS, SNV, SNVP and SVP — are affected by this potential issue.