The old adage "knowledge is power" has never been as relevant as it is today. As businesses emerging from a stagnant local economy take the opportunity to re-evaluate their existing workforce productivity, their effectiveness and their business strategies, the struggle for the means to collect, manage, store and use information, about everything and everybody, will define the role of the CIO going forward.

Speaking at the IDC Africa CIO Summit, a conference designed specifically with the CIO in mind, Kaspersky Lab will be exploring this expanding CIO role as this struggle for information will define the nature of IT security threats for the next decade.
“It’s not only the new threats that should be on every CIO’s agenda, but rather the security loopholes the exist. Through our forensics work, it is evident that in some cases, attackers are not using more advanced techniques, yet businesses are still being hacked by the same old ways as before," says David Jacoby, senior security researcher, global research and analysis team, Kaspersky Lab.
"Essentially, businesses are spending a lot of money on resources to buy products and services, but in essence they are just adding more ‘layers’ which are not actually fixing the root of the problem.”
Taking place at the Southern Sun Grayston in Sandton, Johannesburg, the IDC Africa CIO Summit will bring together CIOs from across the continent to discuss how they can re-ignite business momentum, and which winning strategies they can adopt in their organisations to increase market share.
In his presentation entitled "Why We Get Hacked", Jacoby will be discussing key security issues and will provide strategic and insightful solutions to CIOs in terms of not only what they should be looking at from a security perspective, but also in terms of their changing role to become custodians of information.
He will also discuss the topic of Linux, as there is false perception that the platform is not a target against malware.
“As a leading provider of secure content solutions, Kaspersky Lab is proud to be part of this recognised IT leader focused conference, and feel that our participation not only enables us to share our immense knowledge and expertise, but allows us to actively participate in helping to address key security issues to ensure such business momentum can continue, and business strategies can be aligned effectively and securely,” concludes Jacoby.