Following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Axis Communications has secured product supplies and does not see any immediate shortages in the supply of components in the near-term.

The company has issued the following statement: "There are several suppliers of camera-specific components in Japan such as lenses and sensors. Apart from these subcontractors, there are also a large number of suppliers who, directly or indirectly, will affect the supply of general electronics components.
"It is difficult to judge today how Axis’ business will be affected in the coming quarters, but it will probably mean some delivery disruptions due to component shortages.
"Axis’ office in Tokyo, with about 10 employees, is not directly affected. However, it is likely that the activity on the Japanese market will be impacted negatively as a result of infrastructural disruptions, among other things. Axis Communications’ Asia region that represents approx. 10% of Axis’ sales, includes Japan and also China, India, Australia, Southeast Asia and Oceania."