Powermat, the wireless battery charging device that sets new standards in convenience, efficiency and minimal environmental impact for the charging of mobile devices, has made rapid advancement since its launch in South Africa last November.

According to Platinum Micro, the sole South African distributor of Powermat, ongoing technology development and venture capital investment is taking the device into new applications that will have major positive impacts on markets world-wide.
Platinum Micro senior product manager, Tyrone Grüner, says Powermat and US automotive giant General Motors have entered into an agreement which will see Powermat devices fitted as standard features in Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles produced by GM from mid-next year.
“The expectation is that this agreement, whereby the GM venture capital subsidiary, GM Ventures, is to invest US$5-million in Powermat to speed up technology development and support, will revolutionise how electronic devices such as smart phones, i-Pads, MP3 players and gaming devices are charged in a car,” says Grüner.
Another Powermat development with international impact is an agreement with Arconas, a company that provides public seating in more than 130 international airports, to add wireless charging capability at airports worldwide.
“The concept is to incorporate wireless charging facilities into airport seating and lounge areas, taking wireless energy to markets that are untapped and ripe for the convenience that wireless integration will bring to increasing numbers of regular international air travellers,” he says.
Powermat’s vision is to create a wireless world where access to wire-free power is as pervasive as WiFi. Grüner says Powermat is committed to continuing development of its technology to enable even greater adaptation in venues and applications where consumers will benefit most.
Powermat continues to cause a stir worldwide with such developments, and is now also catering for the wireless re-charging of second generation iPhone4 and Blackberry Bold and Curve smartphones.