Printronix is announcing a new Label Design Package for all thermal printer products. The new label design program is based on the NICE LABEL SE design package, dedicated to support the entire T5000 series and T4M class product range.

The CD which contains the label design program is going to be shipped with the printer to customers in South Africa, free of charge.
The following features and functions are supported by the Label Design Package:
* WYSIWYG Label design with “Easy to Learn” navigation.
* Full support of graphics objects, like squares, circles, lines or elliptic shapes.
* Support of linear and 2D barcodes with more than 30 symbol sets.
* Support of Windows based scalable True Type fonts.
* Scalable image and picture support.
* Inverse and normal print of all image elements.
* Support of all Windows based text attributes, like bold, underline or Italic style.
* Drivers available for all T5000 and T4M printers.
The package is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Win7, and contains the appropriate NICE LABEL drivers for the Printronix thermal printer ranges. A wizard will guide users through the installation.