Operating utilities, factories and companies in an environmentally friendly way is increasingly becoming an imperative, as organisations strive to achieve tangible reductions in their carbon footprints.

Rivonia-based AboutTime, a certified partner of the international service delivery and workforce management solutions company ClickSoftware, contends that the focus for industries is now on achieving environmental compliance.
“Environmental issues have far-reaching effects on utilities such as power generation, water storage and distribution and the manufacturing sector in general,” says Stuart Jack, MD of AboutTime.
“The ‘ClickMobile’ service optimisation solution, developed by ClickSoftware and introduced to South Africa by AboutTime, ensures that field service staff have critical information at all times so that productivity is optimised with a corresponding positive impact on overall environmental footprint.”
Jack adds that while corporates are going the enviro-friendly route, in practical terms they often battle to make a quantifiable difference.
“This is where AboutTime with its ClickSoftware solutions can achieve a positive impact on the green footprint of an organisation. For example, our solutions will ensure that employees are better scheduled and controlled with corresponding improvements in the use of transport, and therefore more efficient use of fuel.
“Service optimisation tools improve productivity while at the same time lowering an organisation’s environmental impact. Implementing such an environmentally friendly energy solution can achieve a reduction in the carbon footprint of a company by 20% or more.”
The use of electronic hand-held mobile devices by field service staff also results in a positive environmental impact, as this eliminates the need for paper-based data collection and reporting. Instead, the data is collected electronically and transmitted directly into the organisation’s network.
“The ability to track the distribution of goods or products through our electronic service system means that goods are seldom lost or end up at the wrong destination, again leading to better use of transport and a reduction in fuel use, costs and environmental impact,” explains Jack.
He adds that customer satisfaction comes from shorter response times, narrow appointment time slots, increased compliance with service level commitments and improved first-time fix rates.
“The inevitable result is improved resource utilisation and productivity, reduced travel, overtime, down-time and use of contractors, and an overall reduction in costs, all of which results in substantial savings, improved workforce efficiency and more reliable customer service.”
Jack says the partnership with ClickSoftware was founded on the fact that it has a large proven customer base of deployed workforce solutions comprising more than 200 major customers worldwide, including many large-scale and blue-chip organisations now operating with highly successful service scheduling solutions.
ClickSoftware also has longstanding partnerships with leading international systems integrators and technology providers, including SAP, IBM and Microsoft.
Quite apart from the benefits associated with environmental impact reduction, AboutTime is able to provide tailor-made solutions to organisations that need a bullet-proof end-to-end approach to service optimisation. About Time’s value-added services include business case development, analysis and process re-engineering, custom development and business intelligence.