Cape-based Data Afrique, the IT solutions company focusing on the financial services sector, has announced that it has secured the exclusive rights to market and distribute the eXpd8 legal software suite in South Africa and Namibia.

This was confirmed by Data Afrique chief executive, Lo-Ammi Fourie, who says that while the company’s main focus is still on providing ICT solutions for the financial services market, securing the rights to market and distribute software for the legal profession would “make a material impact on earnings going forward”.
“It is a natural diversification for us, as we understand the eXpd8 offering – and we believe there is significant market potential for it locally.”
eXpd8 was founded by Declan Branagan and is based in Dublin, Ireland, where it has been developing legal specific software since 1991. The software is now widely used in Ireland, the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia and Portugal.
eXpd8 is a software interface that brings all client information into one central, searchable, easy-to-use screen.
“All the relevant information is available at a user’s fingertips, meaning the information is available how they want it and when they want it, leading to increased efficiencies. Information – or any relevant file – is never misplaced or lost.”
However, while the software is renowned for its deployment in the legal profession it is, at its core, flexible enough to straddle numerous markets.
In essence, Fourie notes, eXpd8 is a comprehensive client management software package used worldwide by professional organisations such as attorneys, brokers, property managers, event managers, estate agents and property developers.