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For the 10th consecutive year, Gartner has named IBM the worldwide market share leader in the application infrastructure and middleware software segment based on total worldwide revenue for 2010.

According to the research group's report, IBM was the leading software vendor with 32,6% market share, extending its lead to nearly double that of its closest competitor.  According to Gartner, IBM grew 14,4% in 2010, twice the overall market. The worldwide application infrastructure and middleware software market grew 7,3% to $17,6-billion, says Gartner.
Besides its overall lead, the Gartner report adds, IBM holds the number one market share position in key sub-markets growing faster then the overall IT market.  
For example, the Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) segment grew at 9,2% in 2010, Gartner says. IBM was named the number one vendor in BPM software with a 24,7 % share, more than double that of its closest competitor. BPM software enables companies to develop and implement processes that help their businesses be more agile and grow.  
Gartner reports that IBM continues to be number one in other growing and key areas including the Message Oriented Middleware Market, the Transaction Processing Monitor market and the combined markets of Enterprise Service Bus Suites and Integration Appliances.  IBM's continued market share leadership in middleware has been a key reason for the company's strong growth.  
"The newest Gartner report reflects IBM's growing lead in business integration middleware," says Robert LeBlanc, senior vice-president, Middleware Software, IBM Software Group. "Accelerating key business processes and flexing their underlying infrastructures are major priorities in the enterprise today and IBM has core strengths that help clients meet those needs."