Acer has announced the appointment of Acer deputy president of Acer EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Walter Deppeler, as the new Acer EMEA president, with immediate effect.

Gianfranco Lanci, who served as both CEO and president of Acer, and president of Acer EMEA, resigned from the company on 31 March. Hence, Walter Deppeler was appointed new president of Acer EMEA.
Born in Baden in 1957, Deppeler joined Acer in 1997, and currently serves as senior corporate VP of Acer, and as deputy president of Acer EMEA. He has extensive sales and marketing experience in the region, and has contributed significantly toward Acer’s growth.
Deppeler will take over the strong foundation in EMEA laid by Lanci, and lead the EMEA management team to pursue further growth. EMEA is Acer’s largest market, and where their notebooks rank number one.