Britehouse director Grant Tate has been appointed as CEO of Swicon360, following Britehouse’s majority stake acquisition. Swicon360 is an established business technology partner and solution provider within the international human capital management (HCM), HR and payroll markets.

The Britehouse stable now includes the only SAP-certified company in Africa that offers BPO within HCM and the continent’s first SAP-accredited hosting provider.
“This is a powerful combination that, together with our expertise in SAP solution development and services, will deliver exceptional value to our client base,” says Tate.
Following the recent conclusion of the acquisition, Tate was brought in as part of the executive management at Swicon360 and now holds the position as CEO.
The change in management structure resulted in the company’s former CEO Markus Bucher moving into the position as business development director, and former chief operating officer, Maya Bucher, taking up the position as solutions director services.
Tate believes the acquisition and management restructure represents a bold and progressive step to position Swicon360 as a leader in the HCM, HR and payroll markets.
“This is a new chapter in a successful career that has seen Grant gain experience through various leadership roles including senior executive, solutions development, supply chain management and logistics. He brings with him the sound track record, experience and resources of Britehouse to assist in applying a carefully devised growth strategy,” says Paolo Masselli, Britehouse SSD CEO.
Tate has extensive experience in managing a professional services business including the implementation of ERP systems and as a strategic consultant advising on the practical alignment of business processes with executive strategy.
He has a long and successful track record of project managing SAP systems both locally and globally, spanning service, mining, food and beverage, automotive, retail and construction environments.
Local and international take-up of cloud-based services and integration of related infrastructure represents a critical focal point for Swicon360 and one that Tate believes the company has a firm grip on. He has been reported as saying that cloud computing has revolutionised the company’s solution hosting and business process outsourcing services to clients.
“We have always placed a premium on service delivery, on reputation and on the credibility of our track record. We have extended our offering to include cloud services domestically and into Africa, aligning with our strategy to reinforce and add value to our customers,” says Tate.