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Local IT company Adapt IT, and leading international information management firm Iron Mountain, have concluded a partnership making Adapt IT a local representative of Iron Mountain in South Africa and Africa.

The partnership, which was concluded at the end of 2010, will provide local companies with access to the best international data protection and recovery, archiving and retention management technology, supplied locally with support services by Adapt IT, explains senior business development manager at Adapt IT, Peter Hilditch.
In 2010 Adapt IT was looking to expand its product offering and provide better value added solutions to its clients. When looking at potential partnerships to achieve this, Iron Mountain stood out as a strong company with an excellent reputation in the international IT industry, says Hilditch.
“New York listed Iron Mountain has over 60 years of experience and expertise, over 20,000 employees worldwide, works in over 40 countries across five continents and services 90% of Fortune 1000 companies in the financial, legal, government, healthcare and film industries.
"It was a clear partner of choice for us to work with to provide the South African market with the increasingly important services of data protection and archiving,” explains Hilditch.
The partnership allows Adapt IT to sell and support Iron Mountain’s product offering in the South African and African markets. The company has already undertaken investment to become fully skilled and compliant on the various Iron Mountain products, and while Adapt IT is not the sole Iron Mountain representative in South Africa, it is currently the only one in the Kwazulu-Natal area.
“The fact that Iron Mountain, together with Adapt IT, will enable local companies across Africa and South Africa to sufficiently protect their most crucial asset, their information, makes this a significant partnership for all parties involved,” says Keith Deane, VP and GM, Digital International, Iron Mountain.
“We are pleased that, working together, we are able to solve the information management challenges that businesses face, especially given the grave consequences they face should the correct precautions not be taken.”
Adapt IT have chosen three key Iron Mountain products to take to market initially, possibly extending this product range in the future. These include the Iron Mountain Connected Backup for PC Suite – an automated secure backup system for desktop and laptops, utilising minimal bandwidth.
Customers can add Connected Classify and Collect to give them added capability for data visibility, reporting, search and forensic-sound collections of data stored on users PCs. LiveVault is an automated, secure, efficient and monitored tape-free backup for data.
It is a disk-based, online backup and recovery solution that removes the risks and failures inherent in tape backup and traditional methods. NearPoint is an archive protection; search retrieval and access solution for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft file system content.
In addition, clients have the option of deploying on the premises, private cloud, hybrid cloud or pure cloud technologies, depending on the product offering.
Worldwide, more than 2000 laptops are stolen every day, and every 15 seconds a hard drive crashes. 93% of all computer users have lost data in the last three years due to circumstances beyond their control, and one out of every two companies that loses data in a disaster is out of business within two years.
So while data protection and recovery might not seem like a pressing business requirement, statistics show that it is increasingly becoming an important investment for any business to make.
“The legal and governance landscape is changing in South Africa with the new Companies Act, King III Code and the Consumer Protection Act all effective from 1 April 2011, and not forgetting the pending Protection of Personal Information law, where public and private sector companies will need to ready there people, processes and ICT Systems to adhere and accommodate the many requirements for these including but not limited to better data protection and records retention.
"The tricky bit for companies is dealing with the vast and sometime distributed unstructured electronic data both inside and outside their networks. By partnering with an experienced and trusted giant like Iron Mountain we are now better positioned to assist our current and prospective customer with such needs,” adds Hilditch.