EOH plans to assist government in delivering a clean audit by 2014. According to the most recent Auditor General report, only 14 of the 123 government departments received a clean audit for the last financial period, underpinning the dire need to address these challenges.

Dion Ramoo, MD of EOH Public Sector Consulting, says there is a definite role for consulting to play in the public sector.
“EOH Public Sector Consulting has implemented niche financial management solutions at various government departments, including the department of Social Development, Health, Education, Transport, Roads and Public Works. The process replaces manually generated and time consuming systems with an IT solution that contributes to effective and efficient financial management.”
Affirming the role played by EOH, the Eastern Cape Department of Roads and Public Works says that EOH Public Sector Consulting brought about a paradigm shift within the department.
“The ability to speak the same language as government is a huge benefit for both parties,” says Ramoo. The department’s auditing process is now performance and compliance driven.
“The actual standard and outcome of the project forms part of the equation, laying the foundations for accountability, quality control and significantly enhanced financial management.”