As part of changes to its call centre structure, Vodacom has created the opportunity for more than 700 call centre staff currently contracted to the company via third-parties to take up permanent positions with call centre specialist companies.

On 22 March, Vodacom announced changes to the way its call centres are managed in South Africa. Call centre agents who had been contracted to Vodacom via third-parties would instead be contracted to specialist call centre companies. By creating centres of excellence managed by experts in their particular area, these changes are intended to improve call centre efficiency and knowledge levels, and ultimately result in an improved customer experience.  
At the time of the announcement, Vodacom emphasised that there would be no retrenchments due to these changes and that there would be no changes to remuneration and benefits. In addition, approximately 275 permanent Vodacom staff would be redeployed within the company unless they choose not to.
Subsequent negotiations between Vodacom and these specialist call centre providers have yielded a positive result for the call centre staff involved, whereby each of them will be offered a permanent position with the specialist call centre provider.
"We're pleased that by working with our call centre partners, we've managed to provide more than 700 temporary staff with the certainty and security of a permanent home with specialists in their field," says Portia Maurice, Vocacom's chief officer: corporate affairs. "We have through this process managed to create rather than shed jobs."