At SNW, Oracle has announced three new integrations in support of its complete, open, integrated technology stack. Enhancing its backup and recovery capabilities for Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance now directly connects to the Oracle Exadata InfiniBand fabric to simplify deployments and accelerate backup and recovery time by more than 50% compared to traditional NAS systems.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure now provides unique integration with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance with rapid iSCSI provisioning that automates desktop provisioning and accelerates virtual desktop deployments.
Oracle Secure Backup is qualified for Sun ZFS Storage Appliance backup and recovery with Oracle’s scalable StorageTek tape libraries, bringing together industry-leading unified storage backup performance and tape to simplify tape-based data protection with an affordable end-to-end solution that reduces backup and recovery windows for Oracle Database and non-database information.
The Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line includes best-in-class management software and an innovative hybrid storage pool architecture, and is integrated with Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and Oracle’s SPARC servers to provide optimal business system performance.
Widely adopted for enterprise virtualisation, consolidation, data protection and test and development, thousands of Sun ZFS Storage Appliance customers from around the world have achieved savings of more than $150-million in capital and operating expenses.
The Sun ZFS Storage Appliance delivers 1.6x greater density, and offers 49% lower TCO than NetApp and 40% lower TCO than EMC.
The Sun ZFS Storage Appliance offers nearly 2x higher performance on backup and recovery for Oracle Databases than EMC Data Domain 880 systems, and because it does not require additional data movers, it is able to exploit the native toolset of Oracle Recovery Manager to further shorten backup and recovery windows.
Oracle IT's migration to the Sun ZFS Storage appliance has achieved a 30% reduction in the number of storage systems deployed, and has taken advantage of the appliance's Hybrid Storage Pool technology to reduce the amount of energy used per IOPS.
The Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line provides simplifies deployment, troubleshooting and administration of storage for cloud computing with high throughput; a rich set of data services, including thin-provisioning and de-duplication; and, industry-leading storage analytics that offer visibility into individual virtual machines and applications.
“Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance delivers compelling value for customers on three major fronts: best-in-class management, with DTrace Analytics and Hybrid Storage Pools, a highly-scalable architecture using integrated flash combined with the Solaris OS, and seamless integration with Oracle applications,” says Scott Tracy, head of flash and disk products, Oracle.
“Engineered with Oracle software, the Sun ZFS Storage appliance offers customers a mature storage solution they can trust.”
“Oracle’s ZFS Storage Appliance has always had great ‘specs’ but it is clearly more than a pretty face, now that the functionality and value of the product is clearly resonating with users,” says Mark Peters, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group.
“To maximise its attraction Oracle is being smart by not only more tightly supporting its own products – such as the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and its ‘business ready’ solutions – but also having qualified and integrated over 70 broad industry applications; as users look for better TCO and easier-to-use systems this sort of vendor pre-test and configuration is increasingly popular and can be immensely valuable.”
“Oil and gas drilling data is increasingly granular and our customers require a high-volume, high availability collection model today more than ever,” says Suvinay Sinha, principal data architect, Dynamic Drilling Systems LP.
“As part of our production data warehouse, Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage appliance offers an unrivaled feature set at its price point — simple configuration, built-in monitoring and enterprise-level reliability. Most importantly, the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance has enabled us to maintain our focus on growing the business and serving the needs of our customers.”
“As the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service provider, LOC-AID’s platform is connected to all major cellular carriers in North America. We are consolidating a number of storage activities on Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage appliance,” says Manuel Morales, IT director, LOC-AID.
“We use it for two production databases, streamlining our daily administration tasks and adding another layer of data protection. We also use the ZFS Storage Appliance’s snapshot capabilities in development and test to make our software rollouts foolproof. And we plan to consolidate server virtualisation storage for our VM servers, so we can use the snapshot capabilities for rolling back the complete machine if needed.
"Bottom line, the Sun ZFS Storage appliance has allowed us to maximise our storage space, meet market demands and keep costs under control.”